New insights in the molecular changes underlying ALS | TEDx UHasselt 2016
​​"Join Steven Boeynaems on his quest on the microscopic level to unmask the misbehavior of proteins causing ALS, and discover what makes them behave the way they do. When molecular biology and bioengineering come together…well then Steven Boeynaems, scientist at VIB - KULeuven, is their love-child. Thankfully he uses his knowledge for the good of society by trying to unravel the molecular underpinnings of ALS. By approaching it from a completely different angle, his aim is to provide new insights into the mechanisms underlying this terrible disease."   TEDx UHasselt

I was honored to be invited by VIB and TEDx UHasselt to present my latest work on how we are trying to use genetic screens and biophysics to understand the two steps in TDP-43 pathology in C9orf72 ALS. I am also grateful for the help of the ALS Liga Belgium and all patients involved in the recording of patient testimonies. Their inspiring, yet heartbreaking, stories push me every day to keep on fighting this terrible disease.